Melek (Nehir Erdoğan) is a powerful woman. She is leaving the house because of conflicts with his father. Time changes everything and Melek is forced to return home. Melek describes a mother who sacrifices everything for her children and about her fight to protect them.

Sometimes love is born out of revenge... Zuluf (Almila Ada) and Kenan (Mehmet Ali Nuroglu) are the children of 2 rival families. The story of an enchanting love born out of revenge... This love will be nurtured by Zuluf’s tears and Kenan’s patience.

The story of a father and his son. After her wife passed away as a result of a incurable disease, Kafkas (Tolgahan Sayışman) who is a boxer, decided to give up everything until he learns that his son has the same disease. To save his life, it is time to back for the last round.

The love story between a well-educated beautiful girl, Azra (Alina Boz) & a reckless boy Cenk (Alp Navruz) which first starts with a tragedy but becomes later fortune.

Describes the love of Itir (Selen Soyder) and Tarik (Can Yaman) who were born and raised in the same neighborhood, who fell in love and secretly married each other in university. How long can they keep this marriage from their parents?

Cihangir (Serkan Cayoglu) and Kaan (Kaan Yildirim) are dragged into a game created by mafia, money and death. Kaan is a prisoner and Cihangir is the so-called son of a big mafia member. Both young men are fighting against a criminal organization named “The Circle” for different reasons but same goals.