Episode: 40x150'


There is love setting two apart, there is love bringing two together. In the strong story of We All Fall in Love we see two kinds of love. Munir and Adile. Tarik and Itir. Munir is Itir’s father.Adile is Tarik’s mother. Born and raised in the same neighborhood, Munir and Adile were in love but as a result of a big misuderstanding they couldn’t marry each other and hasn’t talked to one another ever since. On the other hand, Tarik and Itir are deeply in love and have to find a way to tell about this secret relationship to their parents. In We All Fall in Love, we will test love itself and see if falling in love will be able to rise love up.

Cast: Gül ONAT, Altan ERKEKLI, Cengiz BOZKURT, Selen SOYDER, Can KAHRAMAN, Bülent ŞAKRAK, Mehtap BAYIR, Berfu ONGOREN, Erdem BAS, Deniz ORAL, Veysel DIKER

Produced By: BSK

Directed By: Metin BALEKOGLU

TX DATE 2016-2017

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