On a beautiful summer day, Nazan takes her daughter Ela, her son Tarık and their friends Porsuk, Sansar and Pirdino to the Dinosaur Museum. The Dinosaur Museum is an interesting place telling about the earlier stages of the world, teaching the dinosaurs and it has huge dinosaur models. While Dr Torture shows the visitors round, Tarık and his friends join them. Pirdino gets very excited as he recognizes his ancestors. He loses himself so much that at the end of the day he causes to fall over of the models. Tortura gets very angry and wants to find out the responsible of this accident. Then he hears about Pirdino by means of camera records and he has a big desire to have Pirdino and put him in the zoo...





Alim (35) has been working as a tailor apprentice for 15 years with his master Yakub (60). He keeps on living his life, stuck in between the atelier and his home. He is a person who is obsessed with necrophobia. In consequence, he hates to break out of the routine and keeps living his life in extreme monotony.
He has the same rituals for every morning and night. In the morning, he starts his day by opening the store, watches TV or takes a nap until his master comes. In the evening, he goes back home with the coffee shop owner Kemal’s car whom he lives in the same district with. One day by the TV news, he learns that LPG tanks in the cars might explode. Since then, each time he gets into the cab, he checks the trunk of the cab, in case if there’s an LPG tank in the trunk. Every time he opens a trunk, an LPG tank comes back to haunt him. That’s why he decides to move to a closer neighborhood, but this small change will be a milestone for him.



CAST: Hakan ATALAY, Cigdem Selisik ONAT, Tugrul CETINER, Levent OKTEM


Muna is six years old and lives with her family in Gaza. One night, without warning, their home is stormed by Israeli soldiers. Muna hides in the kitchen cabinet, and realizes in the morning that she’s alone. Frightened, the little girl searches for her family in the streetswhere she meets Ela, a woman who, after losing her own child, joined Doctors Worldwide to help war victims. Together with her friends Ali and Suleiman, Ela resolves to help Muna find her family, while bearing witness to the drama around them.

PRODUCER: Ikinciyeni Film


CAST: Leyla GOKSUN, Turgay AYDIN, Kaan CAKIR, Suleyman, Pinar BALKIS, Erkan TASDOGEN, Suzan GENC, Leyla ERDOGAN, Sebahattin YAKUT


Ergamut’un Bahçesi Fantasy, Family | 95’

Ergamut’s Garden is a drama / suspense movie about a father and son’s efforts – together with their dog - to find and settle down

in Ergamut Village, which is a legendary and utopic place in a catastrophic, decaying world where no plants grow and animals are dying.   Father and son will have to win a game and pass the test in order to stay in this village. There is only one condition to win this game: They have to mark as big a territory as they wish with four stakes between sunrise and sunset and then go back to where they start.  If they win, the territory they marked will be theirs. If they lose, they will have to go back to the terrible world they come from. Ergamut’s Garden is a utopic world with an unusual notion of time and space, no technology and it exists under conditions almost similar to ancient times.  Greed, goodness, love and hate of human beings will face each other here and only one side will come out victorious from this battle.

PRODUCER: Emir Mavitan, Umut Bayoglu

DIRECTOR: Emir Mavitan

SCREENPLAY: Emir Mavitan


İmkansız Olasılık

Drama, High School, Young | 95’

Tarik is a mathematics teacher who is assigned from Anatolia to Istanbul. Director and other teachers explain him that the school is a difficult one. First of all, the neighborhood is full of unwanted events.

Men wait on the corners trying to sell drugs to kids. On top of all, his students hate math class. Tarik’s world-view is not only about teaching mathematics but also about turning math into a system that the students can enjoy and use in their daily lives. As  a teacher, he has various ways to get his students interested in the subject. He tries to win them over by reflecting the mathematical problems and symbols to their daily lives. However, students cannot concentrate on their classes due to conditions of the school. Tarik finds himself in a huge struggle from the first day on.

PRODUCER: GoGo Film, Mustafa Zahid Güneş

DIRECTOR: Murat Şenöy

WRITER: Türkay Saydamer



Mystery, Drama | 95’

Musa is a man in his thirties, graduated from faculty of pharmacy but does not make  a professional career in this field. His whole life starts to change when he moves to Donme Dolap Street No 14. As soon as Musa moved in, whole neighborhood tries to send him away as they made a secret agreement. There is a huge secret that whole neighborhood knows. As these secrets go through in the neighborhood, weird things started to happen at number 14.

Musa seems to be convinced that the apartment is haunted. After a while, a mysterious woman shows up: Aspendos. Her real name is Leyla. At the beginning Musa feels scared of her but in time he gets used to her and decides to share his apartment. This situation turns into an unexpected love.

PRODUCER: Sarı Sanat, Mustafa Odabaşı

DIRECTOR: Korhan Günay

WRITER: Korhan Günay


Batlir: Nefes Kesen Bir Hikaye Drama, Romance, Fantasy | 95’

Batlir is a left-out guy who believes that all the attention is on  him because of the enormous size of his head and life treats him unfairly. Since childhood, everybody made fun of him and casted him away. On top of all these, his life turns upside down when he loses all his loved ones in a “breath” because of a curse triggered by his big head at an amusement park he went when he was little. When he meets the photographer Yudum, he finds himself on the verge a huge decision. Will he exclude Yudum from his life to save her life, or find a way to end the curse? Batlir will make the right decision and find a way to express his huge World.

PRODUCER: Stare Film, Stare Yıldırım

DIRECTOR: Stare Yıldırım

WRITER: Kerem Pilavcı


3 Kuruş

Drama, Comedy | 95’

A tragicomedy, which tells the true story of 3 friends who live  in Istanbul. Story unfolds around 3 unfortunate friends; Driver (Sener), Building Warden (Yakup), and Waiter (Kenan). The Driver is the oldest among them. He is like an elder brother to the others. He seems reckless but he is trustworthy. The Warden is on his thirties. He cannot show himself much at his work and cannot vindicate himself, but on the outside World he is independent, naughty and mischievous. The Waiter on the other hand, is young, cool, and handsome. He is full of passion. 3 friends live in a bachelor pad. 3 completely different personalities, living together is almost like an interesting joke. Series of unfortunate events cause the Warden

to commit a crime. He likes the money he earns in an unplanned way, which seemed not too risky at the time. This gives him self- confidence. Even his walking style changes. He tries to convince his friends to join him on this job and so the characters start to struggle with each other. They finally convince each other and go through a lot of change that even they couldn’t imagine. Everyone starts to unravel their deepest passions. Finally, with the Warden’s leadership, they find themselves committing series of crimes. They slowly move towards an  end that  they never imagined.

PRODUCER: Asi Film, Hüseyin Karabey

DIRECTOR: Hüseyin Karabey

WRITER: Raja Menon

ADAPTED WRITER: Hüseyin Karabey



Crime, Action | 95’

Mirza is a security guard of a building complex and has a great friendship with Elif, daughter of Leyla, an old hostess. After a while, Leyla’s boyfriend Kursat, who was into dark businesses, kills Leyla. Elif witnesses the murder and runs away to find comfort in Mirza. However crime bosses kidnap Elif and blames Mirza for the murder. Mirza manages to run away from the police with only one goal; rescuing Elif. He risks everything to save her. He does not fear death, and is not reluctant to kill. While he was just a normal security guard, he turns himself into a killing machine.

CAST: Nihat Altınkaya Elena Viunova, Turgay Aydin Koray Şahinbaş, Özcan Varayli, Çağla Naz Kargi, Onuryay Evrentan, Emre Kentmenoğlu İlker Yiğen, Erhan Alpay, Simel Keçecioğlu, Cansu Firinci

PRODUCER: Hangar Film Prodüksiyon - Emre Yalgın DIRECTOR: Emre Yalgın WRITER: Emre Yalgın


Bütün Saadetler Mümkündür

Drama, Romance | 95’

Ali is a 20 years old engineering student who dreams of studying abroad with Erasmus program. In  the meantime, he goes through a period, which he tries to find himself. His quiet life gets stirred up when  he begins to take a fancy to Gulce, who is a singer in a local bar. Gulce is actually on her way to become a nurse and she nurses an elderly and lonely man in one of traditional counties of Adapazari, in order to cope with her financial problems.

Mevlut (83) is an elderly man left alone to die by his daughter and family after his wife’s death. When Ali starts getting  closer with Gulce, he also learns about Mevlut’s story. When Gulce suddenly disappears, Ali’s and Mevlut’s paths cross. After a while Ali realizes that Gulce left Mevlut behind. Ali finds himself on the verge of a huge decision; he will either look after Mevlut and become an old and needy man’s everything, or continue on his own path and live his life. Ali discovers a question stands before him... Are all kinds of happiness possible at all?

CAST: Arif Erkin, Kemal Uçar, Ruhi Sarı, Nilay Erdönmez PRODUCER: Aşina Sanat DIRECTOR: Selman Kılıçaslan WRITER: Selman Kılıçaslan



 Dram, Whodunit

When he was a little boy, Fatih Kömürcü (Gökhan Alkan) stabs his step father in the back with scissors when he attacks his mother. Then he is put into a juvenile correction center. Fatih is called “Scissors” in the center and, since he was quite talented in tailoring, he sets up a small tailoring workshop there with the support of Warren Ömer Bey and spends most of his time here.

He falls in love with Ömer Bey’s daughter Berrak (Serenay Aktaş), who he sees through the little window of his workshop. On the occasion of her graduation from high school, Fatih makes a surprise for Berrak and personally sews her graduation dress.

Now the year is 2015 and Fatih Kömürcü is the co – owner of Yiğitoğlu Holding, a big company, with Hanzade Yiğitoğlu and  the most famous name in the country’s fashion world. But then the kids who have been through the correction facility start to get murdered mysteriously with scissors. Does the past follow Fatih? Or is it the other way around?

CAST: Serenay Aktaş, Gökhan Alkan, Yeşim Salkım, Veysel Dündar, Şenay Akay, Fulden Akyürek, Ahmet Kural, Ümit Karan, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Yunus Emre Yılmazer

PRODUCER: Bizim Yapım - Asuman Erdoğan, Burak Törer

DIRECTOR: Nihat Özcan

WRITER: Caner Kuzu


Şartlı Tahliye  Comedy | 95’

There is only one thing left to do  for 3 old man provisionally released from the prison after 30 years; dig up the gold which caused them to be imprisoned in the first place and use it as retirement bonus to build a new life. However it won’t be that easy. As soon as they got released, they got themselves into trouble and things become even more complicated for them. First, they got into a fight with their old accomplice, new enemy Kunduz and then they find themselves running away from both the police and Kunduz with a baby in their hands.

CAST: Kerem Alışık, Tuncer Salman, Cengiz Küçükayvaz, Halil İbrahim Kalaycıoğlu,

Alparslan Rüzgar Sancak PRODUCER: İnci Filmcilik DIRECTOR: Barış Erçetin WRITER: Ulaş Çobancı


Drama, Romance | 95’

A woman walks awkwardly through city crowd. And a man saves the woman from an inevitable accident. Woman carries a bag full of Money. His name is Sinan and he owns a restaurant. Woman’s name is Rosa. However she doesn’t know her name or where that money came from since she is having a temporary memory loss. Our protagonist and this woman trusts each other in a unique way, become friends and confidants. In time, they fall in love with each other. However, it is almost an impossible love. Because even though she does not remember, Rosa is the lawyer daughter of an Armenian family and was preparing for her wedding with her fiancée Garbis. On the other hand,

Sinan lost both his parents with only a month between them. He was a young man graduated from literature and wanted to become a writer when his parents died and left him a store to survive on. This unexpected love won’t be easy for either of them.

CAST: Bestemsu Özdemir, Yiğit Kirazcı, Zerrin Sümer, Kevork Türker, Suzan Aksoy, İskender Bağcılar, Burç Kumbetlioğlu

PRODUCER: Köprü Film Yapım - Ferhat Eşsiz

DIRECTOR: Hatice Memiş

WRITER: Gülin Tokat & Ümit Cihan


Biz Bir Dolaşalım

Comedy, Adventure | 95’

Ahmet is an unfortunate and unsuccessful documentary film maker. TRT finally approves his final documentary project about Turkish roots in the Balkans and the traditions of local Turks. This job is Ahmet’s chance of a lifetime and an unobtainable opportunity for his life’s dream of a documentary of Kenya. However, Ahmet has no money to shoot this documentary and on top of it, he has debts to everyone from film sector, to shipping, excavation and even for legumes. Ahmet realizes that both coasts of Maritza have the same characteristics so he secretly starts filming his documentation in rural Edirne, when he needed to film it in Greece, Macedonia, and Bosnia- Herzegovina. He shoots with the most awkward film crew in history.

Things get pretty rough when the mayor joining the crew, thinking that a TRT film  crew came in to introduce their village.However, everything goes crazy when they decide to film the tradition of jumping from Mostar Bridge with a similar architectural work of Mimar Hayrettin and the mayor, who always wants to athletically prove himself voluntarily jumps from the bridge and disappears.

CAST: Yilmaz Gruda, Murat Özsoy, Selahattin Taşdöğen, Berkan Şal, Sadi Celil Cengiz

PRODUCER: Altıncı His - Mehmet Akif Aydın

DIRECTOR: Kemal Uzun

WRITER: Murat Özsoy


Ya Nasip Ya Kısmet

Comedy, Drama | 95’

Ahmet lives in a hot, old and forgotten town of Anatolia and makes his living  by selling sherbet. On the other side of the centre is his nephew Yigit’s counter. They do not speak to each other due to asset disputes. Yigit also do not speak to Mustafa, who was  his greatest rival back in the day, since they loved the same girl, Aysel. Yigit cannot get along with anyone in the town, so he is left alone. With loneliness and greed, he makes plans about hurting his uncle Ahmet and his greatest rival Mustafa. When Ahmet loses her daughter Gulpembe, he becomes a bitter man so the disputes between them grow even bigger.

CAST: Hasan Kaçan,

Erdem Akakçe, Turgay Tanülkü, Bengi Öztürk Orhun,Mehmet Emin İnci

PRODUCER: Efor Film - Muharrem Muhsin Aydın

DIRECTOR: Gökmen Tosun

WRITER: Mehmet Hacivat Çelebi


Suda Balık

Sports, Drama,Young,Romance | 95’

Sefa is a gifted swimmer. He swims well enough to save his father Cemil in the middle of a terrible storm. On the other hand, Hatice, who lost her husband to the sea, wants her son Cemil and  her grandson Sefa to stay away from the sea.

Sefa cannot go to university because of financial difficulties but soon an opportunity arises. Coach Yavuz invites Sefa to his swimming team. Sefa accepts the offer, leaves his village and his beloved Ayse to go to Izmır. He stays at the hotel of a distant relative, Mr. Omer.  Swimming team is in danger of closing and Sefa is their only hope. But Sefa gets injured. On top of that, he learns that Ayse was engaged with someone else. Life became much harder, both for Sefa and Yavuz.

CAST: Alihan Aracı, Canan Gener, Tamer Levent, Nurşim Demir, Ali Türkoğlu, Dost Elver, İrem Altuğ, Faruk Akgören, Nalan Örgüt, Emre Çoldur, Hakan Latifoğlu, Murat Göktepe, Aylin Kılınçarslan, Kimya Gökçe Aytaç

PRODUCER: Hayalbaz Film - Alper Yanar

DIRECTOR: Tülay Kocatürk

WRITER: Tülay Kocatürk


Ankara Yazı: Son Mektup

Drama, Politics | 95’

After the coffeehouse shootings in Ankara on August 10, 1978, police forces take a number of idealist teenagers who may be connected with the event into custody. Among them is 20 years old Mustafa Pehlivanoglu. With his custody, starts his parents’, Zeynep’s and Ahmet Bey’s legal struggle. What seems to be a standard custody in the beginning, change courses when Mustafa has

to accept a crime he didn’t commit because of the torture he endures and turns into a struggle for his life.  On the outside another test awaits his parents, who believe in the innocence of their son.

CAST: Gürkan Uygun, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Tuncer Salman, Burçin Abdullah,

Ümit Acar, Münir Can Cindoruk

PRODUCER: Gala Film DIRECTOR: Kemal Uzun WRITER: Deniz Aydenk


Yeni Hayat

Comedy, Romance | 95’

Orhan (40) lost his mother a short while ago and lived a lonely life. He doesn’t have anyone but his sisters and his childhood friend Sedat. When the construction company he had worked for 20 years lays him off, he finds himself in emptiness and dedicates himself to his cooking skills. Until he finds a real job, he decides to take a cooking course. As each day passes, he finds himself more attached to this lovely hobby. He is the most talented one in his class. He comes across with Sirin (38), the woman who his path crossed since the beginning of the movie. Sirin is taking a course about voice training. They get closer by time and fall in love eventually. With the help of Orhan’s sisters, the two decides to marry. However, there is one simple obstacle in front of them; Sirin’s stubborn lawyer father Suleyman wishes an Albanian groom for his daughter.

CAST: Tayanç Ayaydın, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu, Ahmet Gülhan, Sabriye Kara


Bir Sevda İşi

Drama, Politics | 95’

A Love Job; is a movie about Yasin Bedir, a wealthy man who becomes a candidate in the mayoral election of  a new province that gains its status forcedly because of the countrymen and the events  happen during his campaign. Yasin Bedir was reluctant at the beginning but as the campaign grows, he falls  into it and started calling it “a love job”.  His opponent Musa Cay is as driven as he is. Both Yasin and Musa decide to push the boat out to win this election. Yasin devotes his every last cent to this campaign and even take a huge loan out of the bank. As the Election Day comes closer, the race gets even warmer.

CAST: Uğur Çavuşoğlu, Cem Zeynel Kılıç, Selim Erdoğan, Feyza Çipa, Muhammed Cangören

PRODUCER: Papyon Film DIRECTOR: Özkan Çelik WRITER: İsmail Doruk



Drama, Romance | 95’

Celo comes back to his old village which he had to leave years ago. Villagers who saw him dither. His uncle Eset takes in Celo since he lost his parents in a young age. But he ruthlessly made him work and denied his rights to claim the land that was left

to him from his father. Eset, his wife and his son always hate Celo. On the other hand, Eset’s daughter Kezik and Celo fall in love with each other. When Eset discovers this, he tries to kill Celo and forces him to flee the village. After Celo left, Kezik married to Haydar of Albaz’s. However she still loves Celo and is very unhappy. Celo’s return troubles Eset. This time, Celo is determined about taking both the girl and his land.

CAST: Kadir Özdal, Merve Erdoğan, Mutlu Güney, Ayten Uncuoğlu, Şamil Kafkas, İnanç Koçak

PRODUCER: Sinevizyon Film - Biket İlhan, Nihan Belgin DIRECTOR: Biket İlhan WRITER: Biket İlhan


Saruhan: İhanet Yarası

Historical, Mistery, Crime | 95’

Early 17th century... Young prince, who is to be the next Sultan, heads Saruhan to claim his throne.

Simultaneously, a murder is committed in Saruhan. Salih Aga’s son Yusuf is murdered in an inn. Judge of Saruhan charges Treasury clerk Selim, whom he knows from Istanbul, to solve

this murder. Selim was the reason why Janissary commander Bekir got executed in Istanbul, and new janissary commander does not like

the fact that Selim was chosen for this mission, however he could not stop him. On the other hand, they have to solve the murder before prince and general Deli Izzet arrives at Saruhan.

Arif and Selim start to investigate the murder and realize it is a very complicated situation. The mystery they are after is more than a regular murder.

CAST: İlker Kızmaz, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Yurdaer Okur, Sinan Tuzcu, Hakan Kurtaş,

Sümeyra Koç,Oya Akar

PRODUCER: PİAR DNA Görsel Yapım DIRECTOR: Emre Konuk WRITER: Ramazan Ekmekçi



Drama, Family, Comedy | 95’

Master Turan is a man who has been working in his own little furniture studio for years. He finally decides to go out of his comfort zone and make an acceptable living out of this job. He believes that he can realize his dreams by exporting his furniture. He feels ready to take all the risks in order to realize his dreams. Master Turan has big dreams for a man working in a basement studio. His favorite thing to do is to climb on a hill and dream while watching over the factory of Cihan furniture. Turan’s dreams cause the malevolent tea-maker Tayyar to take advantage of him. Tayyar brings his relatives from overseas and hosts them in the best way that he can. He later fools Turan saying that they are potential buyers and make Turan pay for all their expenses. Turan makes his hard financial situation even harder in the empty dreams of potential buyers. He pays an arm and

a leg to learn what “exporter” means. And he will learn it the hard way.

CAST: Mehmet Özgür, Çiçek Dilligil, Eylül Demirpehlivan, Murat Karaarslan, Mertcan Bilal, Çağdaş Umut Tanyolu, Emin Olcay, Can Yücel Metin, Ozan Çetin

PRODUCER: Telesine Film DIRECTOR: Bahadır Başaran WRITER: Oğuzhan Yılmaz


Lokman İlyas Mystery, Drama, Politics | 95’

Ilyas, also known as “Lokman Ilyas” (Doctor Ilyas), treats his countrymen who are not fortunate enough to visit a hospital with the medicines he creates with herbs. His practices

put  him in-between the soldiers and illegal organization members injured during the battles in the village.

When Ilyas realizes that his situation is a dead-end, he decides to flee the country and heads  out with a refugee truck. However the truck has an accident. That day Adem finds Ilyas unconscious on the side of the road and takes him to his village to take care of him. Adem hosts Ilyas until he gets better. In the meantime, Ilyas treats Adem’s sickly granddaughter with herbs while he endures pressure from the villagers.

CAST: İsmail Hacıoğlu, Köksal Engür, Atalay Çetintaş, Toprak Sağlam, Kemal Kuruçay, Deniz Özerman, Tevfik Yapıcı, Fuat Onan,

Sencar Sağdıç, Arda Pak PRODUCER: Erbay Medya - Enes Erbay

DIRECTOR: Enes Erbay

WRITER: Enes Erbay, Nergiz Erbay


Hayat Çizgisi: Suriye Drama, Romance, War | 95’

Dogan (30) is a successful surgeon living in Istanbul. He works in a hospital owned by his  own father Faruk, who is also a doctor. Dogan never even visited eastern Turkey and lived in the western regions for all of his life. Due to ethical conflicts he has with his father and the problems with his fiancée, he feels like he entered a dead- end road. In that moment, he agrees to an offer from Internal Affairs to go to Gaziantep in order to operate a critical patient. But this decision changes his life. He witnesses events he never could dream of. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a woman called Ayse, who ran away from the war in Syria and works as a translator in the hospital. Ayse also searches for her family simultaneously. This love growing in hard conditions turns Dogan into a whole new man.

CAST: Erkan Meriç, , Güzide Arslan, Ümit Acar, Selahattin Taşdöğen, Mustafa Güray Gök, Sinem Soner Arıman, Ali Sürmeli

PRODUCER: Üsküdar Yapım - Bülent Dorğun

DIRECTOR: Caner Erzincan

WRITER: Serhat Kahveci, Murat Onur, Seçil Kahveci


Umut Apartmanı

Drama, Family | 95’

Arif is a 10 years old boy who lost his father Ozan without even knowing him and has to grow up early. He lives with her mother Makbule in a distant and old building. He is in love with

his older neighbor Arzu. Feeling as  he does for the first time, he sends unsigned letters to Arzu. He will be circumcised at the end of this summer and he will try to avoid it like the last few summers.

His grandfather Ihsan, who left them in previous years, brought back by two attendants. Ihsan knew that her

daughter Makbule wouldn’t accept her back in, so he fakes a paralysis. Arif is the only one who knows he is faking  it. They cannot get along with Ihsan at all at the beginning. On the contrary to Arif’s maturity level, Ihsan acts just like a child. Their struggling relationship finds a milestone when Ihsan realizes Arif’s love for Arzu and offers to help him.

CAST: Alp Özer, Ali İpin, Fulden Akyürek, Tuna Arman, Ali Yağcı, Yasemin Bozdoğan, Şehnaz Kalkancı PRODUCER: Balkon Sanat Film DIRECTOR: Ümit Cihan Canpolat WRITER: Ümit Cihan Canpolat



Drama, Mystery | 95’

Doctor Efruz has the ability to remember every face he sees and he masters his ability. Efruz sees his ability as a game but it will be useful someday more than he thinks. On the eve of a belated honeymoon with his wife of 25 years, Aysel, he meets someone who will turn his life upside down. Problems start to unravel with the death of a homeless and unidentified man because of Efruz’s neglect. For the first time in his life, he cannot remember a face he knows. His mysterious unknown face makes the doctor postpone his honeymoon plans and fall into an investigation game.

CAST: İlhan Şeşen, Kemal Uçar, Ekrem Erkek, İpek Tenolcay, Duygu Aktoprak

PRODUCER: Rosebud Film DIRECTOR: Savaş Uğur WRITER: Savaş Uğur


Son Kuşlar

Black Humour | 95’

Bekir is a tradesman in Istanbul who owns a shop. He decides to move to his homeland since he was bored of big city life and working routine. He plans on hunting and relaxing, so he heads for his hometown. As soon as he gets home,

he grabs his rifle and heads out to the woods. However, it is not

hunting season and villagers are afraid of the bad luck illegal hunting will bring.

On top of it, lots of unlucky eve nts happen as he steps foot in the village. Villagers think that Bekir brought this bad luck on them. Bekir continues through the woods without thinking of the bad luck the birds he shot will bring him. Villagers glance into the woods after each gunshot and wait the man who does this while an unexpected end awaits Bekir.

CAST: Şahverdi Ali Eren, Fatma Öney, Sencar Sağdıç, Nursel Çeliktürk, Turgay Atalay PRODUCER: Demliçay Film - Bünyamin Duranoğlu DIRECTOR: Bedir Afşin WRITER: Bedir Afşin- Bünyamin Duranoğlu

PRODUCER: Rosebud Film DIRECTOR: Savaş Uğur WRITER: Savaş Uğur


Adı Yunus

Drama, Prison, Sufism | 95’

His Name: Yunus, is about a prisoner, who  gives hope to those around him with his uncompromising attitude at a penitentiary in Ankara in the first quarter of 90’s. The film tells the story of his 40 days to freedom and the changes a man - Cem, head warden of the penitentiary and , one of the people whom Yunus influenced along the way - goes through. New prisoner at the penitentiary, Ugur Turgut, introduces himself as Yunus, because of his devotion to Turkish poet Yunus Emre. Warden Cevdet perceived this situation as a rebellion and decides to discipline Ugur Turgut. On the other hand, head warden Cem instinctively connects with Ugur Turgut and starts protecting

him against Cevdet. This friendship causes major changes in Cem’s life and destroys his friendship with Cevdet. With the growing gap, the struggle and the battle between them gains even more strength.

CAST: Kemal Uçar, Yıldırım Gücük, İrfan Kılınç

PRODUCER: Dijital Medya DIRECTOR: Okan Özbay WRITER: Hulusi Çelik


Crime, Action,

Drama, Adventure | 95’

A famous businessman gets killed by someone in a clown costume in front of a bank in bright daylight. Man in clown costume turns

to the street security cameras and indicates that this was an intentional murder and more will follow and then disappears. Responsible inspector Murat and his team find a note on the crime scene left by the murderer. The note states that another murder  will be committed a week later in Besiktas. There will be a very important meeting that day, at which important business figures will attend. They need to catch the killer until that day, but that won’t be as easy as they’d hoped.

CAST: Orhan Kılıç, Sarp Aydınoğlu, Çiğdem Batur, Kutay Köktürk, Adnan Biricik, Naşit Özcan, Yusuf Aytekin, Esra İşgüzar, Ece Müderrisoğlu, Murat Purosciler

PRODUCER: Mes Akademi - Uğur Uzunok

DIRECTOR: Ömer Gökhan Erkut

WRITER: Muhammet Nurullah Sevinçli


Bir Gün Bir Çocuk

Sports, Family, Dram, Young | 95’

Mete is a successful and rich pedagogue but he has no joy of life. He has been married to Asli for 7 years, yet their marriage did not produce a  child. Asli wishes to be a mother while Mete doesn’t want kids. This becomes a serious problem between them and they always quarrel on this subject. Mete’s father also wants grandchildren and that causes Mete to have constant arguments with his father too. His wife Asli takes care of his

ill father. Mete has to leave for a Love Home in the rural region to complete his doctorate thesis. Mete, who cannot be happy even though he has every financial opportunity, meets kids who are happy even though they have nothing in Love House. He will never be the same.

CAST: Cemil Büyükdöğerli, Mehmet Usta, Nimet Gürbüz, Burak Türker, Mahmut Gökgöz, Merve Dağlı, Denizhan Akbaba, Veysi Aslan

 PRODUCER: Fanus-u Hayal Film - Turgay Şahin, Sinan Sertel

DIRECTOR: Sinan Sertel

WRITER: Sinan Sertel


Ekonomi Tıkırında

Drama, Comedy | 95’

During the great depression in Turkey in 2001, Ahmet, a married man and father of two, gets laid off. On the same day, he has to move out of his home since he cannot pay the rent to his father-in-law. Ahmet lies to his father-in-law and his wife in a moment of desperation and tells them he found a job. This way he could stay at home for another month and pay his rent if he can find a job in the meantime and continue his life from where he left of. However, things don’t go as planned and Ahmet finds himself in an even more complicated situation.

CAST: Burçin Bildik, Onuryay Evrentan, Oya Aydoğan, Toygun Ateş, Alp Akar, Leman Ertürk, Haldun Boysan, Selim Taylan Ertuğrul, Rafet El Roman, Melih Çardak, Bülent Yıldız, Mehtap Bayri, Eren Kurtel, Serdar Deniz, Gözde Okur, Yakup Yavru, Hilmi Ergül, Miraç Kazancı


Galibarda Fikir Sanat - Miraç Kazancı

DIRECTOR: Canan Çelik

WRITER: Miraç Kazancı



Drama, War | 95’

Ayhan is a young doctor in Iskenderun Public Hospital. Hande is a reporter of a communist newspaper. Even though Hande and Ayhan have completely different ideas on politics, they have something in common. Hande and Ayhan meet on an unexpected love while they were helping a Syrian woman to find her kidnapped daughter.

CAST: İsmail Hakkı, Gökçe Suyabatmaz, Arif Sevimli, Toygun Ateş, Sabahat Adalar, Efe Karaman, Aden Duru Orak, Ebru Aytemur, Haldun Boysan, Abdulhamid Kubbani, Miraç Kazancı

PRODUCER: Aden Sanat Atölyesi - Fatih Kılıç

DIRECTOR: Mehmet Bahadır Er

WRITER: Eset Akçilad


Drama, War | 95’

Ayhan is a young doctor in Iskenderun Public Hospital. Hande is a reporter of a communist newspaper. Even though Hande and Ayhan have completely different ideas on politics, they have something in common. Hande and Ayhan meet on an unexpected love while they were helping a Syrian woman to find her kidnapped daughter.

CAST: İsmail Hakkı, Gökçe Suyabatmaz, Arif Sevimli, Toygun Ateş, Sabahat Adalar, Efe Karaman, Aden Duru Orak, Ebru Aytemur, Haldun Boysan, Abdulhamid Kubbani, Miraç Kazancı

PRODUCER: Aden Sanat Atölyesi - Fatih Kılıç

DIRECTOR: Mehmet Bahadır Er

WRITER: Eset Akçilad


Son Takla

Comedy, Sports, Family | 95’

Last Tumble is about Cemil, a man who has always lost throughout his  life and decided to face his past in order to turn his life around. This is the sincere story of broken people from

a little town of Trabzon madly in love with football.

CAST: Osman Sonant, Başak Daşman, Ruhi Sarı, Selim Erdoğan, Sabriye Kara, Asuman Bora, Görkem Dalgıç, Göktay Tosun, Onur Yalçınkaya, Erdoğan Koç, Gökhan Çetin, İbrahim Barulay, Mustafa Görgün, Miraç Sevsay, Gökhan Yılmaz, Yavuz Selim Can

 PRODUCER: Mızıka Film Yapım DIRECTOR: Volkan Özgümüş WRITER:Kerem Oğuz Evrandır


Siyah Karga Drama | 95’


Sara, is a 30 years old Iranian actress. Her native language is Farsi, and she speaks fluent French and English. She was

born in Iran and lived there for 21 years. Then she left for France  to be an actress and never

went back to Iran. She has been living in France for 9 years. Her family outcasts her for being an actress in France. Sara’s father is on his deathbed so he sends a final letter requesting to see her one last time and asks her to take care of her sibling Elahe. Great secrets were buried in that letter. Sara travels to Turkey and crosses to Batman. Then she starts her journey to Iran,

on horseback or in a car. This journey won’t be easy for anyone, including Sara.

CAST: Sebnem Hassanisoughi, Aziz Çapkurt, Murat Toprak, Sedat Culum


DIRECTOR: M. Tayfur Aydın

WRITER: M. Tayfur Aydın



Fantasy, Drama | 95’

Hayal is a writer who struggles with her life. She has to write a novel according to an agreement she made with a publisher. However, she cannot write the novel even though she

tries everything. She starts writing a novel called Bunyamin in her darkest times. Bunyamin is an unemployed and dispersed man. One day he gets an invitation for a job opening from a surreal Publisher called Ya-Ya Yayincilik. Bunyamin gets hired in that instant and starts working before he can put a meaning to all this. In the meantime, he falls in love with his coworker, Deniz. Bunyamin decides to come clean with Deniz when he finds out that his boss, Cenk, is also in love with her. Bunyamin discovers a black door while he was headed to Deniz and enters the door. The door opens up to Hayal’s room. Bunyamin sees his own story on Hayal’s computer and wakes her up. Hayal, startled by seeing her own imaginary character

in her room, decides to convince Bunyamin that he is only a fictional character. However, imagination and truth is already tangled with each other.

CAST: Serkan Ercan, Görkem Yeltan, Funda Güray, Deniz Karaoğlu, Hikmet Karagöz

PRODUCER: İkinciyeni Film - Bekir Yusuf Açiksöz, Önder Furkan Besli DIRECTOR: Serdar Gözelekli WRITER: Nurhan Elif Özer


Sessiz Yalanlar

Mystery, Crime | 95’


Birgul is a well-known television actress currently hospitalized because of a fatal illness. Her husband Murat never leaves her side. Birgul passes away after a short while, leaving

Murat devastated. Simultaneously, Ceren, who is currently in a mental hospital claims that she does not have a mental disorder and that her husband Murat will tell the truth if they can just find him. According to doctors, Ceren is schizophrenic and violent. One night, Ceren escapes from the hospital and finds Murat.

However, Murat says that he is not actually her husband, and the person who she thinks is her husband uses Murat’s name. Murat finds himself

in crossroads. A part of him says he needs to take Ceren back to hospital, while the other wonders why a man would use his name. Finally, together they start searching the truth. After a couple of minor accidents, they realize a mysterious person is trying to kill them.

CAST: Burak Hakkı, Levent Özdilek, Ebru Helvacıoğlu, Açelya Elmas, Berke Hürcan, Serap Gedik,Ceren Mertadam, Murat Prosçiler, Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi,Volkan Cal,Turan Özdemir, Bülent Polat, Murat Ormiyak


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